3 Challenges of Electronic Data Interchange to Look For

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?

It’s how companies communicate and share documents with each other in the modern world, business-to-business.

While nearly everyone in the world is used to sharing information electronically or digitally (via email or social media) EDI is more sophisticated. Instead of people manually typing out or sharing files to send, EDI runs on mostly automated systems and can process bulk amounts of transactions very quickly.

Every company needs a reliable EDI platform to ensure that even if their trade partners use different systems, the data flow is never interrupted.

EDI should save companies man-hours and money, should practically eliminate the time it takes to share information, and ideally should result in fewer human errors.


EDI isn’t a perfect way to share data- there are still potential issues we humans have to solve when artificial intelligence falls short.

With so many platforms in the marketplace promising to deliver amazing EDI results, keep reading to be sure you are familiar with their most likely Achilles’ Heels!

3 Challenges Businesses Face During EDI

Three very specific (and expensive) challenges businesses face during EDI:

  1. Outdated software and/or technology
  2. Too many manual processes
  3. Never-ending integration issues

1. Outdated software and/or technology

An outdated legacy environment (meaning the systems, software, or technology your company uses) has the potential to cripple your data exchange. It can be expensive and tedious to upgrade company systems…and it can also be discouraging to realize that every system eventually becomes obsolete.

Whatever the reason; if your company is running on a legacy system, several EDIs may not be equipped to work with you as smoothly as you need.

It’s a real possibility that even after partnering with an EDI platform, your team will still do too much manual labor (burning up your time and money). And of course, the more human involvement there is in the EDI process, the greater the risk for human error.

2. Too many manual processes

Even if your system is completely up-to-date, some EDIs require more manual processes than others. And no matter how automated the EDI environments are, there will always be some manual processes that are still burning human hours and your costs associated with that.

That being said, the best EDI platforms have highly automated systems that can do most of the trouble-shooting for you. There are standards that every EDI has to meet, but be sure you don’t settle for a platform that spends more your time and money than it should.

EDI should be solving your problems, not creating more.

3. Never-ending integration problems

Yes, every platform needs some human oversight and occasional correction. But the goal of Electronic Data Interchange ought to always be automatic transactions and integration.

A big red flag for any EDI platform is a never-ending list of integration issues such as:

  • electronic transaction failures
  • external trading partner onboarding
  • management issues
  • end-to-end monitoring and more!

If you are currently struggling with an EDI platform with these issues (or if you see a lot of reviews for an EDI platform complaining about these issues), there are definitely better options out there for you.


EDI shouldn’t create more work, or take up more of your time, or cost you more money. EDI platforms should be secure and convenient: a trusted way for you to get more done with less.

You need an integration platform that can give your company every tool it needs for EDI.


CINTAP Cloud and Legacy Systems

CINTAP Cloud is a data agnostic solution: whatever systems you use, CINTAP is ready to work with your company.

CINTAP works with your IT Team to come up with an EDI process that allows your current system to find a solution on our platform. If you aren’t able to upgrade your software or hardware right now, CINTAP can still help solve your EDI issues.

Additionally, CINTAP manages all your required upgrades to the CINTAP’s Cloud iPaaS Platform quarterly. This means you don’t have to worry about any software upgrades, hardware costs, and efforts that go along maintaining the middleware environments: CINTAP takes care of it all for you.


How CINTAP Cloud Reduces Manual Processes

CINTAP Cloud proactively identifies the manual processes that are holding your company back from a completely efficient EDI solution. CINTAP uses its built-in workflow capabilities to coordinate with your individual company and develop a more automated system.

CINTAP’s goal is to standardize all of your inbound and outbound scenarios with minimal impact on your system’s environment; the outcome being a reduced risk in your upstream and downstream impacts in technology layers.

CINTAP Cloud strives to automate as many transactions and EDI processes as possible, saving you time and money, and reducing the number of errors that you have to manage!

CINTAP Cloud as an Integration Solution

CINTAP understands that productivity is negatively impacted when there is a constant trickle (or flood) of never-ending integration issues.

CINTAP is dedicated to walking each customer through solutions to every problem, with the goal of giving them back the time and resources that their companies need.

CINTAP streamlines EDI and integration projects. BPI Cloud (CINTAP’s ongoing support activities) is a highly rated integration platform capable of:

  • accelerating integration projects,
  • eliminating redundancies,
  • simplifying complex processes,
  • and providing real-time insights for better tracking and visibility.

All this while also offering huge savings on the overall cost of ownership compared to other products in the industry!CINTAP Cloud is your company’s solution to EDI: less mistakes, less time, less money.

How to get in touch:

It may sound too good to be true- but pinch yourself, because CINTAP Cloud really is here for you! You can learn more about us or get in contact with us right away.

Don’t let EDI be your business’ problem: let CINTAP Cloud be your solution.