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Is iPaaS Exclusively for Large Enterprises?

Let’s set the record straight- is integration platform as a service out of reach for small and mid-sized companies?

Get to Know CINTAP: Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Values

Curious about CINTAP’s founding, what we stand for, and where we’re going? Get the inside scoop with this quick read.

EDI Essentials: 11 Common Codes You’ll Use in HCM

Human Capital Management can be easier to manage than ever with EDI. Let’s go over the basics right here:

EDI Essentials: 9 Common Financial EDI Codes

In this installment of CINTAP’s EDI Essential series, we focus on 9 common Financial EDI codes.

How to Uncomplicate the 4 Logistic Types

Logistics shouldn’t be complicated. Maximize the benefits, while mitigating the challenges. Keep it simple with CINTAP.

EDI Essentials: 10 Common Codes 3PLs Need to Know

Get the complete breakdown for these 10 common EDI codes used by 3PLs. This article is part of CINTAP’s EDI Essentials series.

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