The Hidden Costs and Surprising Savings of iPaaS

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Any integration platform provider can claim that switching to integration will save your company money. But is that just a marketing gimmick? Or could it actually be a good investment for your company (especially if you’re on a tight budget)?  

It may be hard to know what to believe- or if you should trust a salesperson- so we’ve come up with some hard numbers to help you in your research and decision-making process. 

Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS)

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based software that can connect data from any source: on-premise or in the cloud. By connecting systems, applications, and software onto a single platform, iPaaS simplifies data flow management, automates transactions, and overall enhances operations. 

The most recent data clearly shows that iPaaS boosts growth by as much as 50% for businesses that implement it. 

And more and more companies ARE implementing iPaaS, and the market is growing; meaning that you’ll have more selection in a provider than ever before. 

With this in mind, let’s go over some data points and clear up some misconceptions right here: 

How much will iPaaS cost your company?

The cost of iPaaS varies from provider to provider, but you can usually expect to pay anywhere from $50-$5,000/month. Some platforms have free versions, and others can even exceed $10,000/month. 

Like anything you buy, you can expect to get what you pay for. In other words, the cheaper plans and platforms have pre-built connectors, DIY transactions, and usage limitations.  

While inexpensive iPaaS may be a good fit for small companies, be aware that you’ll still spend a considerable amount of time managing your own integrations and the platform may not fit all your company’s needs. 

Larger enterprises will likely make better use of a more expensive iPaaS. They’ll have a wider range of capabilities, more pre-built connectors, and more customer support.  

The downside of several of these larger integration solutions: the months (or worse, years) it can take to fully integrate with your internal systems as well as your B2B network and trading partners. And since the majority of iPaaS providers offer mostly pre-built connectors, if you have a complex or unusual setup, you may require more expensive workarounds. 

If you’re wondering whether there are cost-effective iPaaS with short onboarding periods and custom-built connectors, don’t worry; we’ll get to that soon!

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How much will iPaaS save your company?

The bad news is, to find out how much exactly iPaaS will save you, you’ll have to do some math.  

How much are you spending on building your own APIs (Application Programming Interface)? To monitor your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions? How many man-hours are spent doing the work manually, when iPaaS could do it automatically? What do those hours cost your company every month, quarter, and year? 

You’ll also need to look towards your company’s future. Where are your projections taking you? If you integrated your A2A applications and B2B transactions and workflows, could you get there sooner?  

We’ve already mentioned that on average, businesses who use iPaaS can expect to grow more than 50%, and that’s partly due to the scalable nature of iPaaS. As your company expands, your iPaaS can expand right alongside it. 

Another helpful factor is the support, knowledge, and expertise of seasoned professionals. Rather than hiring a team of your own to manage your integration, your iPaaS provider may have an off-site team that can resolve any issues that crop up. The peace of mind that comes with services like these are an added perk on top of the money saved on an internal team. 

And while you might be concerned about the lengthy onboarding time mentioned earlier in this article, or the expensive workarounds for prebuilt connectors, you don’t need to be.

A more affordable iPaaS solution:

CINTAP Cloud is an integration platform with a unique approach for industry leaders and future-facing enterprises.  

We are dedicated to problem-solving every client’s unique needs, even to the point of building tailor-made solutions or entirely new tools. 

And unlike other providers, we can onboard within days and weeks- cutting the time (and expense) by up to 60-70%. 

Other ways CINTAP Cloud cuts costs and boosts performance for our clients: 

  • Eliminates the need for other SaaS solutions and applications 
  • Centralizes your A2A and B2B data on a single dashboard: your entire landscape in easy view 
  • Tracks your business operations and transactions in real-time 
  • Provides insights and reports on whatever data you choose 
  • Our Managed Services team monitors your integration success and fixes bugs quickly 

Learn how CINTAP Cloud can save you 

Finding integration that fits your needs and your budget isn’t a fairytale. 

We at CINTAP Cloud believe that iPaaS should save you- not cost you. 

To learn more about the future we could build with your company, reach out to us today! 

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Author – Carissa Getscher

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