PSIEngines, an engine parts manufacturing company, uses Epicor to process their Warranty Claims. Although Epicor helped PSI Engines ease down the burden of this process, PSI Engine’s business efficiency been hindered by the fact that PSIEngines has to upload all its warranty documents on Epicor manually. It often took them hours to upload merely a bunch of warranty claims, causing them to lose their precious business.

It is time-consuming, inefficient, and costing us business and efficiency, says PSI Engines.

PSIEngines came to CINTAP with the following challenges:


  1. Wasting precious business hours on repetitive tasks
    Manually uploading warranty documents often takes PSI Engines a lot of time. The entity has to process many warranty documents on Epicor, which often took hours each time. This means that the entity has wasted hours on each document alone, which could have been used much more productively.
  2. Human errors impeding business efficiency
    Since Epicor doesn’t offer an automated or integrated solution, PSI Engines had to heavily rely on manual and inefficient process. The fact that PSI Engines had to process tones of warranty documents each day by manually uploading them often led to a lot of human errors, which in turn heavily hindered their business efficiency.

  3. Low ROI of human capital
    Regardless of heavy human capital, it took a lot of effort and time. Yet the results are not satisfactory. The lack of efficiency impacted their human capital ROI negatively.


  1. Automated business operations for greater productivity and efficiency
    With CINTAP’s automated EDI management relieved administrative burden of the company’s human capital. With automated EDI management, PSIEngines is no longer worried about its repetitive tasks, which is yet vital to its core business. It carries out its business operations with greater productivity and efficiency with little to no effort.
  2. Less time, more work done
    The manual and repetitive tasks that once took days or even weeks can now be finished on the fly. PSI Engines operates with increased efficiency with less time spent on their EDI management. They have now got fewer things to worry about and more time to focus on their growing their business.
  3. Increased business efficiency
    With intelligent EDI management, CINTAP has narrowed down the chances of human errors to zero. It means PSI Engines no longer works on repetitive tasks due to negligible human errors, which increased its business efficiency significantly, leaving them with more time to focus on more important things.