Financial Integration Solutions

Balance your books in seconds.

With real-time integration and automation, you can customize all your processes and workflows and cut your manual paperwork down to zero. With fewer human mistakes, you can analyze reliable data trends and explore transactions on an interactive dashboard…all while saving time and money.

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What is financial integration?

Finance integration is the most reliable way to handle your books. Save your accounting staff hours on manual paperwork and allow them to focus on key decision-making instead. By integrating your Finances on CINTAP Cloud, you can have all your financial information laid out on a single interactive dashboard, so you can explore and analyze trends in real-time.


Banking integration solutions with CINTAP Cloud

On CINTAP Cloud, you can also automate and integrate your Banking needs!

Send and receive sensitive data securely on the cloud, with instant EDI between banks and your business. With real-time updates on all transactions, you’ll experience total visibility on an interactive dashboard.

Banking integration makes it possible to sift through mountains of data in record-time (with less mistakes than ever before!). With CINTAP Cloud’s EDI capabilities, real-time updates, and customizable dash, you can evaluate and manage risk with complete visibility.

Invest in your future on CINTAP Cloud.

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