Get to Know CINTAP: Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Values

CINTAP- our mission, our vision, our values

Our origins

Before 2019, there was a gap in the integration world. With nearly two decades of experience, industry expert Ansar Ahmed recognized the opportunity and seized it.  

Ahmed began designing a tool to centralize any and all forms of integration under a single, low-code platform. This integration platform would simplify A2A and B2B integration while providing meaningful business intelligence and data reporting. 

And CINTAP was born. 

Since its launch, CINTAP has only exceeded expectations! 


With CINTAP Cloud as their integration platform, mid-size businesses in the supply chain and logistics industries are able to automate, integrate, and transact more efficiently (and with greater cost-efficiency) than ever before.  

CINTAP Cloud’s revolutionary no-code software eliminates the need to maintain complex APIs, servers, and systems. 

Clients customize unique dashboards to access all of their most vital information at a glance- with real-time notifications and B.I. reporting. 

What’s more, CINTAP Cloud users are able to securely communicate with any trade partner! This includes creating new orders in their ERP, automatically transmitting them to vendors, and sending EDI transactions seamlessly. And since the integration platform is cloud-based, clients never have to spend their resources on deploying, managing, or maintaining their own systems.  

CINTAP’s Mission Statement 

Since its conception, CINTAP has targeted underserved businesses with a simpler solution for integration and automation. We believe that our clients are their own most valuable assets, and organization and information is the key that can unlock their full potential! 

Our mission is to provide a centralized integration solution for enterprises, empowering our clients in making informed and strategic decisions. 

CINTAP’s Vision Statement

As CINTAP continues to grow, we strive not to lose sight of the big picture.  

Our vision is to be the #1 iPaaS solution provider for global trade, supply chains, manufacturing, and logistics. 

CINTAP’s Values

Our core values shape our culture and determine our direction.  We believe that these core values give us the edge we need to stay competitive while also honoring our mission and our people. 

  • People are the Priority 
  • Teamwork Wins Every Time 
  • Build Connections. Build Trust. 
  • Own Your Solutions

Join our community! 

CINTAP has what you need to give your business a boost: as an integration platform, as well as a source of high-quality educational content.  

Learn more about how we’re optimizing operation for businesses like yours! 

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Author – Carissa Getscher