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Friction less business transactions

CINTAP Cloud Data Integration Solutions provide a fully managed customized service that allows you to leverage the benefits of electronic data interchange (EDI) without the hassle of deploying, managing, or maintaining your own EDI system.

  • Increase operational efficiency with automated data exchange.
  • Streamline vendor relationships using consistent messaging standards.
  • Improve business transactions and optimize supply chain operations with real-time data delivery.
  • Automate EDI processing for faster transactions with less work and more efficiency.
  • Access real-time visibility into each transaction so that if there are any issues, they can be resolved immediately.
  • Increase the speed of transactions and simplify communication between vendors and your business.
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CINTAP Cloud’s EDI integration allows you to quickly and securely streamline your B2B transactions. Our EDI integration ensures that your business transactions are fast, efficient, and secure.
Our Data Integration Solutions are designed to handle the most complex and dynamic vendor relationships, even when they involve a multitude of parties, multiple document types, and multiple steps in the process. We use a 'low-code' approach that makes it easy for you to configure your own custom solutions and integrate them with a range of platforms.

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Powerful Automation

With CINTAP Cloud’s EDI integration, you can create new orders in your ERP and have them automatically transmitted to your vendors' systems via CINTAP Cloud. You can also transmit purchase orders from your ERP to your vendors' systems as well. This means that when you are ready to place an order with a vendor, all you have to do is schedule it in CINTAP’s Data Integration Solutions -no more back-and-forth between the two of you!

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Time saving and efficient

CINTAP Cloud's EDI integration ensures frictionless business transactions between your vendors and your business.
Our cloud solution is designed to help you automate your business processes and ensure seamless, automated communication with your vendors. With CINTAP’s Data Integration Solutions, you can manage all EDI documents online in a centralized location while ensuring compliance with industry standards.
Our EDI integration helps you streamline the process of sending and receiving documents between vendors, suppliers and customers while saving time on manual processes.

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Interactive and customizable dashboard

At CINTAP Cloud, we believe that EDI integration is the key to a more efficient business. In fact, we have built our entire system around it. Our integrated EDI platform allows you to quickly and easily set up your own custom dashboard to access all the information you need, when you need it. You can even use our interactive visualizations to get a better idea of what's going on in your company at any given time.Our Data Integration Solutions are customizable and interactive, which means it's easy for everyone involved in your business transactions to get what they need from the system.The user-friendly interface lets you set up your own custom dashboards, so you get real-time updates on how your business is performing without having to spend hours looking at reports. This means you will be able to make better decisions faster than ever before!

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CINTAP Cloud is an IPaaS platform that provides a centralized solution for managing all your EDI transactions. It helps you to improve the efficiency of your business operations by streamlining communication between channels and departments within your organization and with other organizations. CINTAP’s Data Integration Solutions offer a comprehensive set of features that allow companies to seamlessly integrate their existing systems with third party services and applications. It provides a unified view of all business processes across multiple teams and geographies, enabling them to collaborate in real time on any device at any time from anywhere in the world!All of these benefits come without having to go through the hassle of setting up and maintaining complex APIs, servers, and systems. It's intuitive, no-code software that anyone can easily handle. So, your business transactions are simplified with CINTAP Cloud.

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