Jumpstart Growth on the Cloud: iPaaS Made Easy

Jumpstart Growth on the Cloud: Integration Platforms Explained

What is iPaas? Integration Platforms Explained 

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based software that can assimilate data from different sources onto a single platform. By integrating applications and standardizing data this way, companies can automate several processes and share data with other businesses smoothly. 

IPaaS was developed from the overwhelming mishmash of on-premise and cloud applications to address the challenges of connecting and exchanging data between the two environments. Now, iPaaS is a cornerstone of sharing data securely between businesses that need to interact daily while they perform critical and timely transactions.  

No business is immune from this challenge! Mid-size businesses have this issue, as they find free, no-training-required apps for various aspects of running the company. Larger enterprises may face this dilemma in every department, as each department manages its responsibilities with a unique host of applications and programs.  

While every iPaaS platform provider offers slightly different features, shared elements typically include pre-built connectors, application servers, data security, and creating integrations for business workflows. Some integration platforms may also provide application-managed support services, which is a great option for companies looking to integrate on a budget. 

Essentially, iPaaS is a third-party platform that manages data flow, automates transactions, and just simplifies the running of your company- no matter your company’s size or how many applications or programs you need to operate!


iPaaS in Action 

Integration platform as a service is a vital part of a business structure that runs on several apps or programs (most businesses today!). Beyond simplifying workflows, iPaaS lays the foundation for business scalability and success. 

Let’s look at 2 hypotheticals:

Brenda’s Boutique has been a successful mid-size business for several years, and now she is ready to expand even further! She has more inventory, needs a storage facility, plans to hire several employees, and she will be shipping thousands of orders across the country.

Brenda is overwhelmed by all of the tasks she now has to take on. There are shipping needs, invoices, and logistics. There’s more payroll to organize, inventory to track, payments to process….and all these tasks and transactions could be automated by an integration platform! 

Tony’s Trucking has taken off in the last 2 years. His fleet has grown from 30 trucks to 300 trucks! They receive thousands of orders each month, and each trading partner has their own systems and formats for business documents. This means that Tony has to manually input information from each order into his company’s system to process it.

Tony needs to focus on his employees, investors, and customer relationships (and a well-deserved vacation!). An integration platform would be able to break down all of Tony’s tedious documents and share data with each of his trading partners seamlessly. 

Like Brenda and Tony, your company needs real solutions from iPaaS so you can  

  • Spend your company’s time and money more efficiently
  • Reduce mistakes made by manually inputting information 
  • Scale your business without increasing your costs 

This is especially true if your company has goals regarding growth and expansion! For a company in this situation, iPaaS could be the difference between struggle and success. 

What sets CINTAP Cloud apart from other integration platforms

CINTAP Cloud is an integration platform that delivers it all: security, quality, and ease of use. Custom solutions mean that you can use your existing legacy environment, integrate any application or program you need, and enjoy real-time data exchange with partners: on a single page!   

In other words, CINTAP Cloud simplifies integrations across your landscape and puts them on one platform! 

Some of the solutions provided by CINTAP Cloud include: 

  • Application to Application Integration 
  • Order to Cash 
  • 3rd Party Logistics 
  • Banking
  • Human Resources
  • and others! 

With a dedication to provide the best service to every customer while still meeting specific needs, CINTAP Cloud is the best integration platform for companies of any size. 

5 Things that Set CINTAP Cloud Apart: 

  1. Saves time and money 
  1. Reduces errors 
  1. Allows for growth 
  1. Analyzes data trends 
  1. Combines capability and convenience 

1. Saves time and money

CINTAP Cloud saves customers money in more than one way! 

By automating so many processes and transactions, CINTAP Cloud frees up hours of time-consuming manual work for you and your employees.

Additionally, with CINTAP Cloud, customers don’t need to invest in any infrastructure. Instead of housing servers that need expensive maintenance, customers use CINTAP’s integration platform on the Cloud! Rather than paying for patching, regular upgrades to servers and legacy environments, CINTAP customers can use those funds to scale their business!

You save time by having CINTAP Cloud reformat documents, share data with business partners, and display updates from all your applications on one platform

2. Reduces errors

Having CINTAP Cloud automate transactions and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) also increases your staff’s efficiency by decreasing the risk of human error!  

Increase efficiency and reduce errors with CINTAP Cloud

In fact, CINTAP strives to cater to each customer’s business workflow to streamline data sharing in real-time. This method results in far fewer mistakes and more accurate Electronic Data Interchange.  

While even a single typo would be enough to wreck your day, it won’t be an issue with CINTAP Cloud. CINTAP Cloud is able to parse files (JDBC, ODBC, ODATA, JSON, XML, PDFs and more) exactly and instantly reformat it for your systems…and then do the same in reverse for each trading partner. Everyone is on the same page (with more clarity and fewer mistakes) with CINTAP Cloud. 

3. Allows for growth

No matter the current size of your company, CINTAP Cloud has the tools to increase ease of scalability. In other words, growing your company is less complicated with CINTAP Cloud!  

Growing your company is less complicated with CINTAP Cloud

Growing businesses need tools for EDI, CRM, Finance, A2A and B2B Integration, business workflows, and more! While some iPaaS providers may only provide some of these capabilities (or charge for each individual solution), CINTAP Cloud customers have access to all of CINTAP’s solutions! 

4. Analyzes data trends

For a growing business, CINTAP Cloud is the perfect option to scale up on a budget. In addition to saving time and money while providing frictionless EDI and automated transactions, CINTAP Cloud has an intuitive user-friendly platform! 

CINTAP Cloud’s intuitive platform makes it easy to analyze data and trends

All of the tools CINTAP Cloud provides (Order to Cash, A2A and B2B Integration, 3PL, Banking, and more!) can be reviewed on a single page.  

The color-coded interactive charts and graphs make it easy for users to analyze data and trends instantly! Get the customized reports and UI insights you need to make the best decisions for your company’s future.  

5. Combines capability and convenience

With all the secure, high-quality features of the desktop version, the CINTAP Cloud app brings you more convenience and access to your integration data.  

Being able to access your real-time data and track transactions on the go means faster response times for your company.  

Download CINTAP Cloud for Android today and see for yourself the difference it makes for your business. 

Find your solution NOW 

CINTAP Cloud is the integration platform you’ve been looking for to grow your company. To learn more about how CINTAP Cloud is poised to launch your business into its next phase, contact us and a representative can get you started.  

Let our solutions be your solution! 

Author- Carissa Getscher