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CINTAP Named a Top 3PL Tech Solutions Provider [Again!]

CINTAP Honored as a Top 3PL Tech Solutions Provider [Again!]

Transparency in Transportation- Narasimhulu Chary, Vendor Viewpoint Logistics Tech Outlook

Transparency in Transportation: An LTO Vendor Viewpoint

CINTAP’s CTO shares his expert insights into what can optimize the transportation industry with Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine.
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CINTAP Founder and CEO Joins Newsweek’s Expert Forum

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CINTAP- Top 10 3PL Tech Solutions Provider

CINTAP Recognized as a Top 10 3PL Tech Solutions Provider 2023

What has set CINTAP apart from other integration platforms for 3PLs?

CINTAP Honored as a Top 3PL Tech Solutions Provider [Again!]

CINTAP Named a Top 3PL Tech Solutions Provider [Again!]

For the second year in a row, CINTAP has been named a Top 3PL Tech Solutions Provider by Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine!  

CINTAP is a fast-growing iPaaS vendor, with several clients in the logistics industry. As CINTAP continues to develop its platform, CINTAP Cloud, our team tirelessly works to innovate solutions to the most pressing integration issues logistics companies face. Now in 2024, LTO Magazine shines a spotlight on CINTAP’s success in adapting to the demands logistics companies face.  


Visibility in logistics means more than tracking shipments and deliveries. Behind the scenes- and on the cloud- are countless electronic data interchanges (EDI) between companies, facilitating the movement of goods. Most EDI is automated, and the risk of errors is lower than manual communications, but it still exists. 

Even the smallest mistake can lead to huge problems and backups: order-invoice discrepancies, billing issues, formatting mismatches, incorrect responses, etc. When these errors pop up, the usual course of action is to have your EDI team crawl through huge piles of complex communications to spot the mistake and correct it manually. 

But not with CINTAP Cloud. 

CINTAP gives logistics companies complete visibility for EDI communications. Our Transaction Trail breaks down the entire thread of back-and-forth documentation between trade partners. The Compare Feature clears up any discrepancies at a glance. CINTAP Cloud automatically reformats EDI coming in and going out, so all trade partners are on the same page. And potential errors are flagged immediately by the platform. 

The transparency offered to CINTAP Cloud users is just one reason CINTAP was nominated a SECOND TIME for a Top 10 Logistics Tech Solution. Read more about what makes CINTAP stand out in the crowd in the full article: 

CINTAP a 2024 Top 10 3PL Tech Solutions Provider


If you’re ready for more visibility in your transactions, it’s time to switch to CINTAP Cloud. 

With lightning-fast onboarding, an extensive 3PL integration partner network, and custom-built integration solutions for each client, CINTAP is ready for you NOW.  

To learn more about how to make the switch to CINTAP, reach out to a team member today!  

CINTAP name a Top 10 3PL Tech Solutions Provider 2024 by Logistics Tech Outlook
2024 Top 10 CINTAP LTO Award
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