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Completely automate your Order to Cash workflow!

With end-to-end automation for OTC, scaling your company has never been easier! Automate time-consuming manual workflows to save your team time and energy without missing a beat; our color-coded interactive dashboard tracks the exact points and percentages of all your stored data, as well as provides insights and reports.

Take less time, save more money, and make fewer mistakes with CINTAP Cloud.

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What is order-to-cash integration?

Order-to-Cash (OTC) is your company’s end-to-end order processing system. OTC includes all of the operations involved in the order process (order management, fulfillment, and receiving) right up until you get paid.

On CINTAP Cloud’s integration platform, your EDI demands are met almost instantly. With fewer errors on your orders, real-time communication with trading partners, and time saved manually inputting order information, OTC integration is your solution for streamlining your Order-to-Cash process.

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