CINTAP Cloud Data Integration Platform: A2A, B2B, API & EDI

A Cloud-based Integration Platform that makes it easy for you to onboard your partners, customers. No more filling out forms, sending files back and forth or waiting in long queues. CINTAP’s cloud solutions allow you to onboard anyone within a few clicks without any hassle.

How A Cloud Based Integration Platform Will Help Your Enterprise

CINTAP Is Best In Integration Platform

Friction less business transactions

CINTAP Cloud provides a fully managed integration service that allows you to leverage the benefits…


CINTAP Cloud’s EDI integration allows you to quickly and securely streamline your B2B transactions. Our EDI integration ensures that your business..

Powerful automation

With CINTAP Cloud’s EDI integration, you can create new orders in your ERP, and have them automatically transmitted to your…

Time saving and efficient

CINTAP Cloud’s EDI integration ensures frictionless business transactions between your vendors and your business. Our cloud solution is.

Interactive and customizable dashboard

At CINTAP Cloud, we believe that EDI integration is the key to a more efficient business. In fact, we have built our entire system …


CINTAP Cloud is an IPaaS platform that provides a centralized solution for managing all your EDI transactions. It helps you to improve..

Integrated Partners

Features of CINTAP's Cloud Integration Platform

Intuitive Cloud platform for centralizing business transactions with scalability

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Why Choose our Integration Platform


Multiple Industries

We know that your business can’t afford to get stuck with an expensive, difficult-to-use system that doesn’t work well with your business model.

Scalable Solution

The Cloud-based EDI management has been built using the latest frameworks and technologies, making it highly secure and reliable.

Quick Integration and Automation

CINTAP Cloud helps companies reduce costs, improve the efficiency of their business processes and make better decisions by automating repetitive tasks.

One Solution

CINTAP Cloud is a single solution to all your business operation concerns by automating the process of managing your company’s processes in real-time.

We Always Strive To Provide Best Integration Solution For Our Partners




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