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Optimize your warehousing operation with less manual input!

Control inventory, track shipping, and streamline workflows with customized automation. Armed with real-time updates and EDI, managers can identify trouble spots and improve performance without breaking a sweat!

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What does Transportation integration look like?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is software that your company needs to give you more visibility into your entire operation; from your distributor to the storefront. WMSs are becoming more sophisticated every day, and make it possible for you to:


  • Optimize your workforce and labor
  • Streamline material flows
  • Track inventory
  • Coordinate with other trading partners

To learn more about how a WMS operates, you can read about EDI codes for WMS, the electronic data interchange that occurs between WMS and other partners.

But a WMS isn’t enough to fully optimize your warehouse operation. Keep up with the rest of the world by integrating and automating your WMS on CINTAP Cloud.

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