How Onboarding Can Make Or Break Your Company

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Onboarding partners to an integration platform is the (usually) straightforward process of connecting companies or organizations to join in and connect with your system on an integration platform.  

Why is onboarding one of the top features users look at when choosing an iPaaS provider?  

  • Cost Savings: Users don’t want to spend a small fortune on a drawn-out integration process- they want to enjoy the benefits of their investment as quickly as possible. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Being able to quickly integrate with new trading partners or adopt new technologies increases users’ agility and responsiveness to their business environment.  
  • Scalability: Adding new trading partners or expanding integrations shouldn’t become a bottleneck as a user’s business grows. Shorter onboarding times free up IT teams and resources for other projects.  
  • User-Friendly Experience: An intuitive onboarding process makes it easier for non-technical users to take advantage of the platform’s capabilities, and can ultimately lead to higher client satisfaction.  

In short, onboarding time is a critical factor users consider when choosing an iPaaS provider because waiting months on end to integrate with a client or trade partner ultimately slows down operations and jeopardizes professional relationships! 

Where onboarding falls short  

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) has completely transformed how companies of every size- from every industry- do business.  

Automating day-to-day tasks, transactions, and more.  

Offering real-time clarity across the board.  

Bringing companies and their partners together instantly, from anywhere.  

Scaling effortlessly.  

But without rapid onboarding in place, none of this is possible! 

Typically, to expedite the onboarding process, iPaaS providers come with a handful of pre-configured connectors for commonly used applications or systems. But it’s not enough, and it can still take several weeks (up to several months) to onboard trading partners.  

The time required can also depend on the complexity of the integration and the specific needs of each client and their partners. If the specifications are too far outside of the standard offered connectors, onboarding can slow to a crawl. 

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How CINTAP Cloud Bridges the Gap

CINTAP Cloud has a unique approach, which allows us to easily overcome the most common onboarding hurdles in integration.

The key is flexible and adaptable pre-built connectors.

Thanks to expansive and comprehensive standard mappings defined on our integration platform, about 90% of integrations are ready for immediate deployment, or with just a little tweaking.  

With so much of the legwork done already, CINTAP Cloud is able to build custom integrations swiftly, efficiently, and with pinpoint accuracy.

This combination of pre-built and custom integrations means onboarding new partners is both fast and flexible! 

One example is the CINTAP NetSuite Connector (CNC), a pre-built bundle of integrations we install directly into NetSuite. Once installed, custom transaction fields are a snap, and clients can deploy new integrations in a matter of hours. Using the CNC, CINTAP Cloud sped up one client’s onboarding process to 70% faster than they had experienced with their previous iPaaS provider. 

Our goal is to simplify your integration solutions. With CINTAP Cloud, you can expect a seamless onboarding experience that saves you time, money, and frustration, leaving you more time to focus on what truly matters – growing your business. 

Onboarding solved

Onboarding to an integration platform doesn’t need to be a headache.  

Sadly, the usual way of getting things set up can take months or even years. This causes missed chances, delayed decision-making, and higher costs for users. 

But not with CINTAP 

We’ll get your entire operation up and running in a fraction of the time, so you can get the most out of CINTAP Cloud, see your investment pay off sooner, and keep up with any changes in the market.  

Simplify your onboarding today. 

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Author – Carissa Getscher

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