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On CINTAP Cloud, you can manage and maintain your entire operation from a single platform. Automate inventory transactions, communications, and logistical workflows. Integrate every trading partner, source, and retailer so nothing falls through the cracks.

Learn about the future of manufacturing on CINTAP Cloud.


How can iPaaS provide Manufacturing solutions?

Manufacturing operations are faced with quickly evolving (and hopefully expanding) supply chains. As your operation becomes more complex, one distinct risk is that the complex nature of your supply chain will result in less efficiency, less profits, and MORE time spent untangling each transaction.

CINTAP Cloud provides a solution for growing manufacturers. By integrating on our cloud-based platform, users have access to a custom dashboard with in-depth B.I. reports. It’s never been easier to

As a cloud-based solution, we are more than capable of expanding your solutions with your company. With fast onboarding times, managed integration services, and affordable plans- CINTAP Cloud is your best solution for integrated manufacturing.

What makes us the perfect manufacturing integration solution for your company?


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