We built the most flexible iPaaS you’ll ever need

We built the most flexible iPaaS you'll ever need CINTAP

For most companies, rigid EDI transaction fields can only get you so far.  

More and more users are finding that along with prescribed transaction sets, they still require flexible or custom-created documents. 

If automation is the goal, flexibility has to be a part of the integration equation. 

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) providers can sometimes offer a little customization. However, most iPaaS providers can’t spend the time and resources to fully customize an EDI experience, since their business models depend on large companies subscribing with as few service calls as possible. 

This leaves users to either manually adjust transactions, or to edit their own parameters to fit the prescribed transaction fields.  

But we think iPaaS should be built differently. 

What makes a better iPaaS? 

Giving control back to users.  

CINTAP Cloud is a user-centric platform built around flexibility: designed to give users more automation, more capabilities, and more savings. 

More than 70% of CINTAP’s users have switched to CINTAP from another iPaaS provider.  

Why switch to CINTAP? 

Customized experiences 

Companies with overwhelming integration needs may turn to larger platforms, but they sacrifice flexibility in their integrations.  

With CINTAP, it’s possible to integrate massive operations and complex integrations while still getting a customized experience: at a fraction of the cost of other iPaaS vendors.  

Our skilled and resourceful team of integration experts builds bespoke solutions for every industry. CINTAP Engineering Group (CEG) is a dedicated team of integration experts on standby for any support or integration efforts required by the client. CEG builds custom support plans for each client, which include complete production support and monitoring services. Acting as an extension of a client’s IT department, CEG reports every stage of a project while clients maintain a high-level perspective.  

Transparency in transactions 

On CINTAP Cloud, the dashboard’s intuitive design makes it simple for users to curate the exact experience they want on the platform and gain complete visibility for their entire operation.  

CINTAP Cloud provides detailed reports, insights, data charts, and more. Users can go through each month’s history and view the lifecycle of every transaction with Transaction Trail. By highlighting which data they want analyzed and displayed, users can view their entire History Report or navigate carefully through the smallest details. And with the Compare Feature, users are notified when orders and invoices are not a match; saving our partners hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars every month. 

Additionally, CINTAP provides end-to-end integration with trading partners to act as a single point of reference for all involved. CINTAP has an extensive network of Direct and Integrated Partners.  

Direct Partners are CINTAP’s clients, with total access to CINTAP Cloud and the ability to manage all transactions on the platform. Their trade partners, called Integrated Partners, are also connected within our network, and enjoy total visibility for all transactions on CINTAP Cloud. 

An efficient onboarding process  

CINTAP onboards integrated partners 60-70% faster than other iPaaS providers.  

With an extensive pre-built framework, CINTAP Cloud scales client operations without additional I.T. infrastructure, prolonged delays leading to bottlenecks, or excessive costs.    

CINTAP Cloud’s expansive pre-defined standard mappings set up 90% of integrations for immediate deployment, while still leaving room to build flexible customized integrations swiftly, efficiently, and with pinpoint accuracy. Pre-built connectors also allow for seamless connections and data flow across cloud-based applications, on-premises systems, and even hybrid environments.  

CINTAP Cloud partners also have the freedom to choose the applications that work best for them, rather than being limited to a specific suite of applications. Some of CINTAP’s most popular integrations are EDI Integration, API Integration, Oracle NetSuite Integration, Salesforce Integration, Shopify Integration, Coupa cXML, and Epicor.   

Smooth automation

CINTAP Cloud automates business-critical manual processes to reduce human error and increase efficiency.  

Some of our most-used automations are transaction requests/approvals/failures, payments and processing, onboarding trade partners, B.I. reports, and API integrations.  

CINTAP also offers automated PDF generation, email notifications, and web scraping.  

If a client needs a process automated beyond these standardized offerings, CINTAP constructs an automated workflow quickly and inexpensively.  

Other integration achievements for CINTAP include seamless change requests, standardized transactions, and automated processes on the platform. CINTAP Cloud eliminates the risks of data translation or damaging upstream/downstream impacts from change requests: by systematically reading through transaction fields for required changes, CINTAP collects necessary data without expensive manual intervention. Changes are made automatically on the platform, outside of either trade partner’s environments, and CINTAP Cloud analyzes, tests, and deploys any changes immediately.  

CINTAP Cloud eliminates the noise of complex transactions with standardized inbound and outbound formats, including: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), File Movement Service (FMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), CINTAP Cloud Repository (CCR), and Email Transaction Processing (ETP).

A more affordable platform 

CINTAP consistently delivers integration solutions in half the time, for half the cost, and with twice the quality and customer support clients received from previous providers.  

CINTAP Cloud is a subscription-based iPaaS, with scaling costs based on trade partner and transaction volume.  

However, rapid onboarding and integration setup gives even our largest clients significant cost reductions from the start; CINTAP cuts onboarding times (and costs) up to 70%. Increased automation for business processes, transactions, and change requests save our partners’ time and money. Clients don’t need to invest in or maintain expensive hardware or in-house integration teams. 

With effort-based billing for managed services (usually about 25% the typical cost of other providers), clients never pay for more than they need. Additionally, CINTAP has no data transfer Kilo character charges or additional EDI charges. 

Even when clients require a custom integration solution, CINTAP strives to deliver high-quality results at a fraction of the price with Micro-Service Based Billing.  

Clients get custom changes and redesigns at a small cost, new solutions built from scratch quickly, bespoke process flows/dashboard/partner integrations, and more- without breaking the bank. 

A user-centric iPaaS

Since its conception, CINTAP has targeted underserved businesses with a simpler solution for integration and automation. We believe that our clients are their own most valuable assets, and organization and information is the key that can unlock their full potential!  

Our mission is to provide a centralized integration solution for enterprises, empowering our clients to make informed and strategic decisions. In other words- 

CINTAP is built differently. 

CINTAP is built for you. 

CINTAP is built for you.

Author- Carissa Getscher

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