Explore endless possibilities – from a single platform.

CINTAP has the tools you need to expand your wholesale operation. Wherever your journey takes you, CINTAP Cloud can integrate, automate, and standardize your transactions and workflows. From internal applications to the global market, we’re with you every step of the way.

Navigate your supply chain with ease on CINTAP Cloud.


What are wholesale integration solutions?

As an integral part of the supply chain, wholesalers work closely with manufacturers, producers, and retailers. Even small operations can cross international borders- or even vast oceans. With so many moving parts, it’s all too easy for operations to get clogged up with

…or any other seemingly insignificant errors- that all add up to a complicated mess.

By integrating on CINTAP Cloud, our clients can access complete visibility across their entire landscape. That means spotting mistakes faster and solving them before they grow into complex issues. And give your business the boost it needs by integrating and automating your day-to-day workflows- freeing up your time and your budget!

What makes us the perfect Wholesale integration solution for your company?


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