Alerting and Monitoring Solutions

Resolve issues faster than ever!

CINTAP Cloud monitors all automated processes and transactions for you. Create custom transaction types, EDI solutions, and email workflows customized to your specific landscape. You’ll feel confident knowing that alerts and notifications will reach you (and your team!) in real-time.

On CINTAP Cloud, you’ll be alerted to any changes, failure, errors, or completed transactions instantly!

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Custom Alerting and Monitoring solutions infographics CINTAP Cloud


Your custom solution

Alerting and monitoring is a customized solution that you can add to any package with CINTAP Cloud. It doesn’t matter what your existing environment is; you can monitor any inbound or outbound data exchanges with an easy-to-read dashboard.

CINTAP Cloud can curate tailor-made alerts for


  • end-to-end automation
  • workflow emails
  • errors
  • connection failures (between CINTAP Cloud, clients, trading partners, etc.)
  • every completed transaction

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