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Procure to Pay solutions on CINTAP Cloud

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Integrate purchasing and accounts payable more efficiently than ever before! Consolidate manual processes, streamline onboarding new suppliers, and create user-friendly workflows so you can stay on top of your P2P requirements with less effort.

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Procure to Pay or Purchase to Pay P2P infographic CINTAP Cloud


How does procure-to-pay integration work?

Procure-to-pay (P2P), sometimes called purchase-to-pay, is actually a sequence of events- NOT a technology. It’s the end-to-end process of purchasing goods or services, involving:


  1. Ordering or requisitioning


  1. Purchasing


  1. Receiving


  1. Paying


  1. Accounting

From start to finish, P2P boosts efficiency by automating and integrating purchasing and accounts payable systems. When you integrate your P2P workflows on CINTAP Cloud, you are strengthening compliance and control, reducing errors, eliminating manual paperwork…do we need to go on?

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