Is iPaaS Exclusively for Large Enterprises?

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This buzzword has been making its way across the globe for years, and for good reason- integration is completely transforming the way businesses operate. 

Almost like a mythical creature, integration is sweeping across entire industries, magically overcoming previously insurmountable obstacles. 

Also like a mythical creature, there are more than a few…well, myths, surrounding integration. 

Maybe the stories and articles have made it seem like integration is the perfect solution for everyone except you- because you haven’t crossed this threshold or hit that milestone yet. 

You’re looking for solutions- but integration can’t be the answer since you’re not a large enterprise. 

Are you waiting for your company is “ready” before you invest in integration? 

Don’t let the misconceptions you’ve heard and read keep you from using an excellent tool for your company. You deserve to have access to all of the modern world’s technological advances. 

We know cloud-based integration solutions are spreading to every corner of the enterprise world. According to a report from Gartner, 35% or more of mid-to-large sized companies are implementing integration, and that number is only growing. 

With all of this advancement and utility, why is there still so much hesitation and doubt surrounding iPaaS? 

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based software that can connect data from any source: on-premise or in the cloud. By connecting systems, applications, and software onto a single platform, iPaaS simplifies data flow management, automates transactions, and overall enhances operations. 

The iPaaS industry is booming right now, with more businesses converting to iPaaS because of its transformational application for enterprise.  

In fact, when companies implement integration platform as a service, they report as much as 50% growth!  

But despite the success (and projected spread) of integration platforms as a service, there are still enough misconceptions to stir up confusion. 

Let’s clear the air, right here: 

Is iPaaS only for large enterprises and companies?

It’s true that integration platforms are an absolute must for large enterprises.  

With so much information to track from numerous departments, applications, systems, trading partners, employees, social media platforms, and revenue streams…it would be impossible to run a large enterprise WITHOUT an integration platform! 

Perhaps this contributes to the incorrect belief that iPaaS is designed, marketed to, and only used by large corporations and huge enterprises.  

It’s easy to believe that iPaaS is too expensive, or that it needs entire teams of experts to run properly, or that it can only really help with certain kinds of data and data integration… 

But is it true? Is integration platform as a service an out-of-reach tool for small and mid-size companies? 

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The reality:

It’s absolutely a given that the more complex your company is, the more of a necessity iPaaS becomes- but integration is an extraordinarily useful tool for business of any size. 

You can still be overwhelmed with repetitive tasks and multiple data sources with a small company. 

You still need to scale while staying organized, keeping costs low, and meeting customer demands with a mid-size company. 

And you still need data security at every stage of development. 

Using iPaaS makes it all possible! 

Specific benefits of integration platform as a service for small and mid-sized companies include:  

  1. Saving you time and money by freeing up hours of time-consuming manual work- without investing in any infrastructure.  
  1. Reducing errors with automated transactions and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) while simultaneously increasing your staff’s efficiency.   
  1. Allowing for growth with the tools to simplify scalability and expansion. 
  1. Analyzing data trends, B.I. reports, and transactions from multiple sources on a single page in real-time.   
  1. Data security on the cloud for you, clients, and trade partners. 

iPaaS at any size

Whatever stage your company is in, iPaaS is an incredibly personalized and customizable tool.  

It keeps large businesses chugging along and it can be the rocket fuel that gives small and mid-size businesses the boost they need.  

Don’t count yourself out by thinking that iPaaS is for everyone EXCEPT you. 

We want to help you meet your potential! 

CINTAP Cloud is a custom-designed integration platform that is tailored to your specific needs- at any size. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how integration can transform the way you do business, let’s talk. 

Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more educational content on all things integration. 

iPaaS isn’t just for large enterprise. It’s for all of us. CINTAP.

Author – Carissa Getscher

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